Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt - student project

Scavenger Hunt - image 1 - student project


COLOUR - Bold, bright, flat colours. Mostly pairings of contrasting colours e.g. red and green, orange and blue etc. I also have a thing for colour combined with greyscale such as in the top right.


Scavenger Hunt - image 2 - student project


SHAPE - The style of shapes I love is bold, simple, and primarily organic with curves rather than sharp angles. Shapes are formed through blocks of colour and the eye is directed through an image via guiding stripes such as in the bottom middle image or through smooth flowing shapes. The shapes have no outlines, but are formed through colour and pattern.


Scavenger Hunt - image 3 - student project


TEXTURE - In terms of texture most often it is screen printed styles that I gravitate too. I feel these give an extra dimension to a piece when there is a limited colour palette. Texture should also be used sparingly, not over the whole piece but in patches throughout.