Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt - student project

Scavenger Hunt - image 1 - student project


Color: I've always known I've been drawn to primary colors (both old and new), but collecting visuals for this project really emphasized that for me. Whether it's a monochromatic palette with one shade of blue or a variety of shades of red, or it's a design that highlights the interaction between all three colors, my eyes automatically go there. I'm also interested in ROYGBIV palettes that don't automatically make you think, "this is a rainbow".

Line: I think because I'm drawn to such bold colors, I like the idea of simplifying and unifying a composition with another element, and in most cases that's the line work. This selection of work showcases thin lines, patterns involving line, and works that use one consistent line weight. 

Rhythm: While I'm definitely drawn to symmetry, I'm also interested in pieces where asymmetrical elements are composed in a way that displays an obvious balanced rhythm. Many of these pieces are not actually symmetrical, but the defined intervals of space between individual design elements creates the successful illusion that they are. In contrast, Thiebaud's cupcakes is symmetrical when talking about the forms, but he plays with color in a dynamic way that highlights the symmetrical rhythm and allows your eye to keep moving.