Scavenger Hunt for a Style

Scavenger Hunt for a Style - student project

 In my own work, I've tried some of this out, but I'm not quite where I want to be in incorporating what I love in others' artwork. I like a variety and am trying to bring it all together. This project has been very helpful in getting some inspiration going! The information presented in the video was a great refresher for me and I learned a lot! I have not created art in a while, but am making it more of a priority in my life. I thought I'd start again with the basics; the elements and principles of design.


I went to my pinterest boards and searched pinterest to find the images that I worked with. 


I started with shape, then space, and contrast:

Scavenger Hunt for a Style - image 1 - student project


Shape: I like images that make use of shapes, especially repetitive or similar shapes. I also like when space is created by flat forms of making a shape, such as by using one color or value next to a contrasting one. Bold colors and design choices to convey an emotion or the essence of what is portrayed is something I look for in art. I like the illustrative and emotive possibilities.


Scavenger Hunt for a Style - image 2 - student project


Space: These artworks are a departure from what I included in "shapes." There are similar elements, but these are more realistic. I like many types of environmental art, as you can see above. I love realism, but I tend to struggle with knowing how to utilize super realistic features vs how much less realism a piece may call for. These all have a sense that the viewer's eye moves throughout the piece, in the foreground, middleground, and background.



Scavenger Hunt for a Style - image 3 - student project


Contrast: I love when an artwork has a lot of contrast, such as in my choices above. The contrast could be through value, color, or both. I love the dynamic effects that are created when the viewer both has a focal point for where their eyes go as well as has a range of contrasting values or colors that are created in the space to explore.



I'm excited to use these moodboards to start creating art that feels more unified for me!

Thanks for the interesting lecture and assignment!