Scavenger Hunt: Colour, Space, Contrast

Scavenger Hunt: Colour, Space, Contrast - student project


In my scavenger hunt, I noticed myself being drawn to three different types of colour palettes: bold combination of vivid cool & warm colours which sometimes clash, iridescent/metallics juxtaposed with light or dark neutral, and unusual pastels combined in gradients. I think I like these because in a way, these evoke and imitate light and almost 'shimmer' or play tricks on the eye. 


I seem to be drawn to compositions that feel like they have 'breathing room'. There is definitely a strong appreciation for minimalism and a degree of simplicity in the work I tend to enjoy, but I also found myself really enjoying 2D elements imitating 3D forms, like exemplified in a few of the poster designs attached. 


Across nearly all the imagery I pulled for this project, strong contrast is ever-present. Whether it's an intricate gold-foil pattern juxtaposed with minimalistic gold lettering on the reverse, a bold primary colour palette, or strong shapes and fields of colour overlaid with fine lines or details as in the 2016 marathon posters by André Fukumoto and Raphael Rosa below, I enjoy the overall balance created by using juxtaposing elements. 

Scavenger Hunt: Colour, Space, Contrast - image 1 - student project