Scavenger Hunt Class Project

Scavenger Hunt Class Project - student project

For my class project I chose two elements and one principle (color, line and contrast).  

I chose Pinterest to select images.  I naturally love nature and all that entails, so that def played a part in my selections.  


Scavenger Hunt Class Project - image 1 - student project



The color choices I chose told me that I enjoy vibrant, contrasting colors.  Colors that stand out when placed with another color.  I also see that I like placing many types of colors together.  I also see, I like to play with complimentary colors.  


Scavenger Hunt Class Project - image 2 - student project



I found that the line patterns I chose were very organic, free flowing and lacked structure.  I think that is interesting, because I wasn't thinking about that at all when I was selecting images.  After, I realized that I'm not a big fan of geometric shapes and I love more natural and organic types of shapes.  I also see this in my current artwork.

It's also very interesting that with the colors I chose, I selected images that also have an organic movement to them.  That was unexpected.


Scavenger Hunt Class Project - image 3 - student project



I seemed to have collected images with contrast that apply the other two elements as well.  The images I selected use strong lines that are contrasted with a bold color choice.  I think that it's quite comical, because I use this technique in my current work, and didn't even think of it as an option for contrast.


Final Thoughts:

I found that I def love the playful usage of color.  I see that I like bold lines that stand out in comparison to the color.  Also, I enjoy the use of the color and sometimes going outside the lines.  

I think it's nice to see that my current work, reflects these elements and principles.  This project has opened my eyes to see it, even when I didn't realize it.  I am really enjoying this process and am grateful to share my finds.  Feedback is much appreciated.  :)




Brittany Montour
Artist, Designer and Illustrator