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Scarlet Johansson and parts of the face

I really am not the best at portraits or any type of realistic drawings, so I really wanted to try this! I have a basic grasp for anatomy but when I try to draw realistic pictures of my friends, I really fail at making it look like them.  I plan to take Art as a class my senior year and minor in graphic designing in college (I'm only 15 so maybe I will get better). Hopefully I can improve a lot with this class! I'm going to try and upload some of my previous artworks that are more on the realistic side that I didn't use a ref. for.

Gabrielle is very talented!

I chose Scarlet Johansson because I was just trying to find a picture-perfect actress!

I will also work on the anatomical parts of the face. I really need to be able to draw noses and sometimes when I draw irises, it looks very unrealistic.

I hadn't been able to draw for the last few weeks because ofschool, but I finally made time today to actually start my drawing. I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the progress but next comes the hair .. which i struggle to make realistic. I would love some feedback on it! I know the eyes are a little iffy but I was sort of drawing in a dark area of my house. There are some lines that you can tell were there but my eraser kind of .. didn't erase it and smudged it.. I can't erase those particular areas anymore.. :( I also only used a .5 mechanical pencil because I can't find my graphite and other pencils, so that resulted in not very contrasted shading and lighting.

Any critism would really help :) (I apologize for photo quality)


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