Scaring them into subscribing

Scaring them into subscribing - student project

Here's the information I have so far:

Insight #1: 29% of people research online before they purchase media or entertainment.

Insight #2: The majority of search engine interest in "Hemlock Grove" comes from California. Could it be because this is where the production company or primary set locations are located? Or, do people in California just love Vampires that much?

Insight #3: Demographics of Netflix visitors: More women than men; 25-44 is the most common age range, no children, annual income of 100-150K, likely to have collge or post-graduate degrees, and more likely to be caucasian. 9.7 people go to the website each month with 110,480,045 different visits logged.

So, I finally parlayed this, and more, into my final project.

I welcome responses and suggestions for improvement. Thanks!

Suzy Smith

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