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April 18, 2016

Just popping in to say an extra "Thank You" to Elizabeth and to my "session-mates!" I have so enjoyed getting to see your work and working alongside you as well. When it comes to pattern design, I'm learning that we all progress just "one [patterning] foot in front of the other!"



Apr 15, 2016

Getting ready for a show this weekend, so I wanted to complete my project for the most part. I think I'm going to stick with the two-tone images!


In an effort to see if I could make these single-color patterns still be a "hero" type pattern that would have obviously more simple complements, I did a few coordinate options:


Apr 14, 2016

Okay, so I've been working on the pattern for this class for quite a few days and I feel STUCK at the color phase! I eliminated one or two of the motifs and made some sections solid to create some variation, which I like, but I have to admit I really like the pattern as a two-color (or even grey and white) pattern more!

Anyway, here is the first run of color with the pallette I had chosen:


But then I just still loved the simple, simple, simple! Which actually goes along with my mood board as well:


So what do you think? Am I crazy, should I change the pallette and try again or should I stick with the two-tone?

Apr 8, 2016

I mentioned I'm planning on using hand carved print blocks for my patterns, so even though Elizabeth confessed "strong feelings" against the "trace" feature, I use it sort of exclusively to capture the "perfectly imperfect" nature of the block prints I do. I hope that's okay!!

Here are the carvings + block prints I pulled from a whole group of sketches:




And after Photoshop + Illustrator, the vectors I ended up choosing for this project look like this:


Apr 6, 2016

Working on a moodboard for my project - and having more trouble than I thought I would!
I've never designed with this starting off point - and I love the idea but oh, it was such a challenge!

I think maybe I'm overthinking it, but I'm worried that the words I used more or less describe everything I've ever made! But I want to get something started for this class so I think it is still a good start. Here it is:


Apr 4, 2016

Starting with a clean slate for our 2 week Pattern Design Session!

My previous pattern (below) was done quite a while ago and I'm really hoping to be able to see the progress I've made since.

I am taking this session to spend some more time learning and developing new patterns. Since taking the original class I have been working hard on creating repeats from painted prints of my hand-carved blocks (similar to rubber stamps).

My current portfolio is here:


Never ever thought about surface pattern design as something we run into on a super regular basis, so this class was such a cool eye-opener. It was also extremely, extremely fun!

I admit on some of the elements I used a "Trace" with Ai and now that I'm done I'm of course going to have to go back in and draw them by hand digitally, since it just wasn't the same. The main issue with the traced images for me was that the lines don't have equal thickness, and those clean equally thick lines definitely make it more "perfectly imperfect." So my advice is listen to Elizabeth and draw it by hand the first time - "cheating" made much more work for me! ;)

So excited to make more patterns for a collection in the second class. My new pattern(s) will now most likely be a part of an upcoming "grown-up" coloring book I'd been working on.

Thanks for such an awesome, straightforward and interesting class!

Sarah K

Just wanted to add in here that I did end up going in and redrawing the lines so they were cleaner & also they have even thicknesses throughout now..



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