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Jeana King

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Scandinavian Festivities


I am really excited about getting started on this fun festive pattern. I love the balance of simple shapes and intricate details that can be found in Scandinavian design. After doing some research, I have decided this would be a great way to introduce myself to pattern design and have something fun to share with my friends and family over the holiday season.

Color inspirations.



These are some of my sketches that I played with for this project. I want to have a lot of simple shapes in my pattern and tried not to go into too much detail with my drawings. I feel that once I start digitizing them, I will fill them out more if need be.




I felt that I was missing a main character for the pattern and since I love owls, I decided to incorporate one or two. My favorite is the the cutie at the botttom of this drawing. I would like to play with him more and hopefully turn him Scandinavian.


I am so inspired by everyone's projects so far! I can't wait to start digitizing this weekend!


Meet my owls. Colors and details will change but I basically fell in love with these little guys today and couldn't wait to share.


I played with more of my sketches and came up with these digital ideas. Next step is to start my pattern block and decide what's what! :)



I am so happy with the direction of this pattern. I was hoping to spend some more time finessing it before posting but unfortunately it is busy season and these two weeks flew by! I am happy to share with you what I have so far and am really excited to see where it goes. I feel with some more love this pattern could be great. Speaking of great.... This has been a really great class and I really appreciate all the feedback I've gained throughout. It really helped me stick to the process and do something for myself at the end of a busy work day.



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