Sniper Streets




Scalightlors: BHM & ATL

What's good everyone my name is Sniper Streets and I live in Birmingham, AL. Welcome!

Scale: BHM


Birmingham is an itty bitty magic city in the heart of central Alabama. When shooting cityscape shots, I strive to overcheive on the city's small scale and make it appear larger than it is. My favorite aspect about the Birmingham skyline is that the flight path for inbound and outbound planes creates some dope shots from many vantage points all over the city.

Light: BHM


Currently I'm shooting with a Canon Rebel T3i. It's a more basic camera than your basic white girl but I enjoy the technical challenges I face with it- sometimes. Night photography is an area that get's tricky for me but patience and perserverance pays off. 

Complimentary Colors: ATL


When it comes to street portraits, Complimentary Color is an aspect/term I'd truthfully never considered or realized because I kinda already shot street portraits with CC in mind. Now that I learned the term, I can sound like I'm actually smart explaining to someone what the heck I'm doing and why I like a picture. I'm huge about characters in general complimenting their enviroment so this was an easy challenge to rise up to. I love how this man's poppin polo compliments the multiple colors of the store front. My man.

Vanishing Point: ATL


This is a popular spot in Atlanta that I would have never found without the half dozen folks on the streets I asked for directions from. This shot has a real intergallatic vibe to me because it reminds me of a tunnel in a space station. I love how the X architecure manipulates the light in different ways and creates shifty shadows. Symmetry is huge to me when I'm shooting any type of architectural shot like this. This shot is Supa Cold Ice.

Thanks to everyone who peeped my project! I already know you're loving it since you got this far. Steve you're one the VERY FIRST dudes I found on IG and your work remains a constant source of inpsiration. Thanks for putting on the class and I'm sorry but not sorry because melted Swiss Cheese is the bees knees on just about anything.

Hit me up on IG @sniperstreets and check my Tumblr as well

Keep it real fam!


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