Sayulita: Beach Bums

Sayulita: Beach Bums - student project


This map is from our recent ski trip to Mission Ridge on the eastern side of the Cascades where the sun shines...a nice escape for those of us socked in to the wet winters in Seattle.

I was able to get some freeskiing in while our kids were in ski school.  I love finding ski lines while riding up the lift.  Sometimes it's easy to get to a spot and other times it takes a couple trips up the lift before you find an entrance to a certain line...especially if you are skiing at a new area without local knowledge.

Here's a little chute area I enjoyed playing in for the day!

Sayulita: Beach Bums - image 1 - student project


I remember from an early age maps keeping me company as my German parents explored their new homeland here in the US.  Maps made long road trips bearable with landmarks to check off along the way to our destinations.   I was always able to see where we were and how much of the trip was left...but trust me that didn't stop the "are we there yet?" questions. 

I have been lucky enough to know Anne since collge and always loved her instinct to follow her heart into the design world.  She has been one of the most interesting people I have met and I believe a lot of that comes from her love of travel.  She's never been scared to jump off the beaten path and take the road less traveled.  And now we are lucky enough to learn from all of her experiences.

I now have 2 kids of my own, Tagg's 5 and Maika's 2.  We love traveling with them and our most recent big trip was to Sayulita Mexico, a small surfing town north of Puerto Vallerta.  My project will map our daily town walks mostly discovering new places to eat and a few favorite spots.  It will be fun to relive our vacation, have a keepsake from our experiences and pass on tips to friends that head that way.

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