Mark Strelau

Owner @ Type AG - Unique silver rings



Say-o Everything-o Right-o

Name of product: Say-o Everything-o Right-o


Provides: Money, creating business, and getting LAID


Demographic: Nerds, jobless people, dating website people, inventors, initial entrepreneurs, porn watchers


Where is audience: Craigslist (for jobs AND getting laid), dating websites, gaming shops, gaming websites


Message: Stop TRYING and start LYING (without trying)


What do I want people to do: Want to be my walking billboards. Go get an amazing job and get laid like you couldn’t get before.


Guerilla marketing campaign:

- Advertise on jobs section of Craigslist to ‘GET ANY JOB YOU WANT, FREE TESTING, LIMITED TIME OFFER!!!!!!’

-Advertise on every porn site available, dating websites, gaming websites, computing websites ‘GET ANY GIRL/GUY YOU WANT. FREE TRIALS. LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!!!!’

-Also, do free temporary trials in front of night clubs and bars. They pick up their ‘friend for the night’ and either return the mask on the way out or pay for the mask (obvious they won’t return the mask)


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