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Say it forward "Spreading Positivity Face-to-Face"

I wanted to share my latest video, hope you're inspired!

Hope you enjoy the Say it forward PITCH and SCROLL Down for another video, and see what the "Say it forward Movement" looks like! #sayitforward  <<<< WATCH THIS & PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK, SHOW ME SOME LOVE AND like it too!  Thanks!  Good luck to all of you:))


Dear Barbara,

Our society is glued to smartphones and devices as we listen to the negative noise on TV and the internet.  We know that it's perfect time for people to make real connections with each other.  

 Over 20,000 connections  have been made using Say it forward cards. We are convinced that the world needs Say it forward!

In our 30 minutes with you online, we promise to soak up every bit of wisdom and advice you give us. We believe that you can help us take those steps to get to the next level.   We are convined that having you spread the word of us and what we are doing on your social network would open up the gates of POSITIVITY! 

We look forward to hearing from you on June 12th and thank you so much for the learning experience on Skillsahre and all you do to inspire those with an idea and a will to carry it out!

Please help us prove that "Positivity" sells!  

In Kindness, Sandra, Steph, Allie and Scooty (the D0G) Say it forward + Co. 

Below is a small sample of our products.  "Packaged in jars, tins and mugs... receiving a Say it forward card is like getting a hug!"  "Our products might not change the entire world but they will change someone's world."

 Team Say it forward + Co.  is a mom Sandra and her two daughters, Steph & Allie along with thier therapy dog Scooty!  They are on a mission to Spread Positivity Face-to-Face F2F

Watch another cool video & Meet Steph & Allie!

The Say it forward Movement looks like this...

We have personally delivered over 20,000 Say it forward Cards, and when we make visits in the community we gather Sayings from those we meet!

We hope that you will join us today in the Say it forward Movement!  Please visit our website:

In Kindness,

Sandra, Steph, Allie and Scooty :)


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