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Say Laa Vie: Social Media Strategy

Mission Statement:

Say Laa Vie is a brand that connects with different walks of life. Hailing from Southern California, we are represented by our motto: “Unity Through Individuality." Our product communicates with your distinctiveness and way of living through graphic prints inspired by street and modern culture. We are who you set out to be. 

Our Story:

Say Laa Vie is made up of a group of individuals with different passions, but similar interests. We wanted to create a lifestyle clothing brand that is affordable yet stylish. A brand that is suitable for the average lifestyle. Our approach is to combine influences of minimalism and street cultre through compelling designs. We want to create a great experience and lasting impression through our product and packaging. Overall, we want to connect with the consumer by communicating positive and inpsiring messages.

*Note: content provided are just concepts, no official posting on any of the given platforms.

Social Media Approach 

Facebook: Our approach for facebook is to share larger scale images for promotion and to show some of our product that's to come. We want to attract the viewer with a great photo supported by our logo and subtext.



Instagram: Our approach for instagram is to show lifestyle photos given that instagram is used to display those "in the moment" and "artsy" images. Most clothing brands are known to post their product worn in different sceneries, relative to the brand image. We wanted to emulate that feeling as shown below. We provide a short description and use a few hashtags relative to the brand and the industry we are geared towards.



Twitter: Our approach for twitter is similar to Facebook where we provide a promotional photo of when the brand is seeking its launch along with a piece of what else we have to offer.



Tumblr: Our approach for tumblr was to provide an animated gif of our logo and the soon to be released subtext. Given that animated gif's are one of the rulers of tumblr, we wanted to create something interesting that hit the user at different phases of the overall image. 


Thank you for your time. 


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