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Datrianna M.

Interaction Designer



Say "Cheese"!! What made me smile today?

Story: What made me smile today?


  • How many times did I smile?
  • Who/what was the cause?
  • Was anyone else present?
  • Location?
  • Activities ?
  • Weather?
  • Day of the week?
  • What I wore? Makeup? Lipstick?

Notes: I will keep track of my data with my handy Moleskine, as seen below

Done collecting data. Unfortunately, I chose to collect data on a day that was pretty bad, but I've managed to come up with some ways to tell the story. 

Data Breakdown:  

  • 7 smiles: 1 from buying something, 2 from listening to others, 2 from reading, 1 from talking, and 1 from watching something.
  • I saw myself smile 3x, my roomie/bestie saw me smile 3x, and my teammate at work saw me smile 1x. 
  • I smiled 1x in public, 2x at work, and 4x at home. 

 I plan to use icons for buying, listening, reading, talking, and watching and have the number of icons equal the number of times that action was the cause of my smile. 

I want to display time via color, so I'm going to lay a color wheel over a clock and the corresponding colors will represent the time of day I smiled. I'll fill in mouths with the color. 

I want to show the impact of each smile based on the number of teeth present in each mouth. More teeth=more impactful. 

Also wanted to add in some tidbits I learned about smiling from a Ted that's where the "Watching Your Waistline? 1 smile=~2000 chocolate bars" and "Wanna Feel like $1 Million? 1 smile = $26k" comes in. Oh and the part about kids smiling roughly 400x a day and adults only 20x, and then there's me with 7 :-(       Is this info unnecessary, helpful? 

Not sure how I want to represent who saw me smile and where I was when I smiled. I'd love feedback about these 2 things, or any of the above stuff as well. 


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