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Savvy dolphin

I started this course wanting to make a fox logo to go with the name of my fictitious company, Savvy Maddox. A fox just seemed appropriate. After watching the first part of the course though, I decided to go with a dolphin, as they are smart and beautiful and have lovely curves. And I thought I could draw a dolphin (even tracing) better than I could a fox. So I found a photo below of a dolphin leaping to trace. 


This is the printed version, which is black and white and doesn't do justice to the beautiful original photo in color. I found it through a Google search; it's from

From that, I did lots of sketches. I didn't vary too much from the original outline—to be honest, I wasn't sure how. I'm new to drawing—I don't know enough of what to try.


I took a couple of my favorite sketches and snapped a picture of them with Adobe Shape on my phone, then saved them into my library so I could access them in Illustrator. Here's the one I'm working with right now. 


There's a lot about this I would like to fix, but I'm also new to Illustrator and don't know how to reshape the lines. That's what I'm going to work on now. I'd like to smooth them out, have the shape of the lines be more consisten, get rid of that circle near the dolphin's bottom fin, fix the nose, fix the tail. I welcome any insights or feedback!


I've realized I need to know a lot more about Illustrator before I can do more to fix my logo. I was able to smooth out some of the harsh edges and I made the outline blue, but I don't know how to do more. I also haven't used any grids in making this image, which I'd like to at least try. For now, though, I'm going to have to leave it as is. I'm part of the 30-day logo challenge—I want to finish that, and then I plan on taking more courses in Illustrator so that I can figure out how to use it. Actually, I think having a few test images will help, as it'll give me projects to work on. Here's where the dolphin stands (or leaps, as it were), for now!



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