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Savory Sinsations Brand Identity for Social Media Campaign Development

My name is Nathan Dreggors. I am a Illustrator and Designer, operationing out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I design for a "Every Imagination Matters" Creative Inc. or EIM for short. During the last month I had to design a Logo and Several Social Media Campaign Materials for our Client: Event and Catering company: Savory Sinsations. To be honest, promotional materials and logo's was not something i considered myself good at or even a fan of. However, with the aid of Beyond the Logo: Crafting a Brand identity, I soon found that I Love logo design and Promotional material development. 

To begin I created a Client Questionnaire and Creative Brief. 

Both of which dynamically improved the way my client/project development. Before hand I did both of these things, but on a note pad. By having official documents, I was able to up load them directly into my Illustrator file, and refer directly to them. Real Time saver!!!

Following the Creative Brief, I begain to assemle the Mood Board. The Client presented serveral directives for how he wanted his logo, and to whom he wanted his event to appeal to. He wanted to be Fun and yet elegant, Hip with a modern art feel, and did not want his logo or ads to appear " Stuffy" and Up-Tight, yet more contain a touch of Magical ot them.

Since the Event's Theme centers around Breakfast As Dinner-The B.A.D Experience. The mood board contains, imagines that could aid in invoking a merger between day and night. Eggs, Skylines, Foodies & Socialites, Starry Skys and Atlanta's skyline, and a Cat! Lastly the client presented me with examples of Pop Dinner invitations that he found, and liked, and their former business card for referrencing when revamping their logo.

Here is the Mood Board I came up with.

Logo Developement

At the Start of the project, I was working with a Team member. She had to leave the project, due to personal reasons. Here are some of her concepts. Afterwards I will share where I stepped in and took over.


Comp Sheets

At first the Client decided with this design.

but still wanted to see some color pops and re design the Fork Brand Mark. I stepped in and collaborated with my teammate to produce these Comps.

By this point in the project, my Teammate resigned. Also I realized that Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen Brand features a Pitch Fork Brand Mark and Uses the Color Red. Therefore I figured it would be best to scrap this direction, and start fresh. The Competition Board mentioned in the Course would have saved me from making this mistake, It was that this company does parties and catering events, that I did not think to include in the competition Cooking shows. Next time I will expand my board to cover  a broader range of competition. I never, as a designer want to infrige on another brand, purposely or by accident.

I decided to start over with this design direction, as seen here.

My Solo Comps

After the Client decided on this design

We then explored some of their addition Color Palette requests.

I then suggested this Subtle touch to bring a pop of Color to the Logo, and the Client Loved it!

Following the development of the Company Logo and Typography

I also had to design a Event Logo for: The B.A.D Experience-Breakfast as Dinner

Here is what I came up with. 

The B.A.D Experience-Breakfast as Dinner Logo/Typography

One of the Design elements created for the event was a pair of Eggs-Sunny Side Up. 

Here is how I demostrated how they can be used with the Event Logo.

Ultimately, Client choose to have this become their Facebook page banner.

The next part of the Brand Identity was to develop the remaining Social media campaign Promotional materials. My first attempts were terrible, so I knew I needed to hit the drawing board!

The client sent over a script of things they wanted to say on the Promos, and then, alongside a copyrighter, we edited the script to create these ads:

Promo 1 Development: 

Stage one:  Script

Concept 1: 

My first concept was to have an egg cracking open and the yoke spilling into a City Night scene. This was to signify "Bringing Breakfast into the Night" I was playing off the starry sky and City skyline images from the mood board. However this cocept did not dispaly well, as it did not communicate that message clearly, and some of my editors kept mistaking the egg for the Sun. lol

Take 1:

Take 2:

After it was suggested that the egg shell seemed menacing. I scrapped it completely, and re-sized and re-positioned the egg as to have it falling into the city scene from directly above. 

Also the Client did not like the format of this Bad Experience-So that got re-vamped as well-

We All know which one Thye went with=wink!


Take 3: Final

In the Final Design, I experiemented with working with some patterns,Stars & Moon, and color palettes to invoke a sense of Breakfast and Magical Nights into the theme. 

The Second Promo involved Transitioning the Theme towards a Dreamy Evening feel, while still being Fun and Hip. In this promo, I referred to the mood board to the Cat, and Purple patterns to create this enjoyable ad. Also to keep the event/Brand recognization building, I incorporated the Moon and Stars fro the first Promo.


Take 1: 

Take 2: 

In this Alternate, I experimented with gradients and Some of the text the Client originally wanted in the ad: Foodies Socialites & Culinarians

Take 3: Final

However, though the gradient was nice, The Client liked the layout of the last design better. They enjoyed the Abstract Text border I created, and wanted the Foodies, Socialites and Culinarians removed.

In the beginning of the project, the Client emailed  over some samples of Pop-Up Dinner Invites that they liked. I decided to design the last promotional more along those lines, to give the client something that was Formal and Elegant. I also wanted to incorporate photography into this layout.


Take 1:  

During the development of the Final main event promo, the Client was still working out the date and location of the event. Therefore this mock up was just ot establish layout.

Take: 2

While waiting for the final event details ,I drafted this mock layout.

Take 3: Final

Ulitmately, everything worked out perfectly for the client, and they were able to secure their venue, and event time & date.  This is the final design for the Main event promo. 

Lastly, I formatted and tested all the Promotional on my mock Facebook page.I sent samples to the client so that they may preview what the materials would look like released. 

FB Layout Samples

In Close this Course was a true life saver! From it I gleamed so much and now Throughly love Brand Identity development. I will now be starting a 2nd project just for the fun of it to follow all the steps in this class. 

Here is a Preview of it...Stay Tuned

Hope you all enjoyed. I look forward to all critiques and advice.


Nathan M. Dreggors

"Every Imagination Matters" Creative Inc


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