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Savoring Life

Type 1: Upholder 5 Strong tendency
Type 2: Questioner 5 Strong tendency
Type 3: Rebel 0 No tendency
Type 4: Obliger 4 Moderate tendency

I took this class because I LOVED Tiago's first course.  I loved testing out every app, reading the related articles, and getting my own productivity mojo in place.  Now I'm ready for more.

Take 1:The one habit that I have always stuck to is 3 meals a day.  They may not have been perfectly balanced or exciting, but I always get those meals in.  Hangry Hilary is best avoided at all costs.

Take 2: (I've learned that my meals are more cultural than a habit, so here's take 2.) A few years ago, I realized that holding a warm cup calms me, so when I start to get overwhelmed at work, I heat myself up a drink.  If I have already maxed on caffeine, I simply drink a warm cup of water.  Yes, even when it's 100 out.  Holding the warm cup helps me notice the heat spreading through my hands, and breathing in the steam helps me slow down and breathe deeper.


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