Savor Some Peace and Quiet

Savor Some Peace and Quiet - student project

Hi all,

A city is not usually associated with the word 'quiet.' Traffic jams, sirens, shouting, blazing lights, blaring tv screens - a city has enough stimuli to overwhelm the senses. Yet, I feel, this smorgesboard of stimuli allows opportunity for the individual or even groups to create quiet, peaceful, intimate moments amongst the 'noise' while others are obfusticated by it.

My childhood took place against the backdrop of a natural setting on a bay (far from the city with the closest neighbors a 4 min walk each way or a boat ride across the bay) while most of my adult life has played out in a city. Oddly enough, I felt the natural setting was often too 'noisy' in the sense that your thoughts and actions are often the loudest due to the solitary feeling of the setting and you are the only thing to pay attention to. However, in my experience in the city, there are many individuals creating as much (or more) noise than you which lends a magnifying glass to make the quiet moments you do create more powerful and more meaningful than the noise around you.

The trouble I'm having here is choosing between a 3/4ths perspective (me wanting to be ambitious) and a 2D perspective. I feel the 3/4ths perspective can exude that 'complex' multi-dimensional feeling I like, but since I'm not too practiced with perspectives, I'm wondering if I'm over-reaching. While 2D is something I'm used too, it might come off as too flat. I appreciate any feedback.

I must apologize for the late upload - I joined the class late and am still catching up on the excellent material.

I look forward to seeing everyone else's projects!


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