Saves the Day // 2.13.13

Saves the Day // 2.13.13 - student project

Hi guys. I'm Ali, a graphic designer out of Brooklyn, NY.

I'll be doing a poster for Saves the Day, who are crowdfunding their eighth studio album to be released around June, followed by a headlining tour in the summer. No concrete dates have been announced yet, but this will be a poster for a New York show sometime in August. 

So. There are a few ideas I'm planning to pursue with this poster. Saves the Day is trying to go back to its roots, removing the "filter" between the band and its fans. They've been offering some pretty unconventional rewards for pledges -- singing a song on stage with the band at a show, jamming with them during sound check, being a roadie for a day, a private acoustic or electric show in your house, guest vocals by Chris Conley on your own album, or a personalized mini-EP with songs created for the pledgers. There have been a few studio updates covering their recording and tracking progress, along with a Weezer cover and a demo released to pledgers. I want to take their band + fan interaction / relationship and build it into the poster as a central theme to the tour. In their words, a "single weird gang" of us, the fans, and them, the band.

I'm a little behind in this project so I'll be using today to gather a bunch of swipe / images for concept development and I should have my first round of sketches live tomorrow. Cheers.