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Saved by Angles

Primary Audience:Teen and Young Adults

Blurb:When a family of sister are abandoned by their coven a long ago by an elder they stay and meet some boys,who are part wolves and part angles.The sisters find out that they are more than just vampires.What will they do.

Chapter 1:My name is Saige White.But you can call me Bambi.I have six other sisters Lacey, Gia, Grace, Esme, Annie and Pandora.Pandora is the oldest.Grace,Esme and me are triplets,i am the middle triplet,we are 18.Also in our senior year of high school.Lacey and Annie are twins,age 17. Gia she the youngest and is 16.Pandora is the only one that works at a bar called Hot n Spicy.

Now let me descried my self to you,I have long wavy white or silver hair with light grey eye and i'm a vampire.Me and my sisters are blood sucking creatures of the night.I hate how I live in a town of supernaturals and most of them think that we don't like the sunlight or we are defenseless against holy water,the cross and garlic.Oh and that stupid twilight sparkle thing also,I hate that with a fiery passion.

But anyway me and my sisters are our owe coven.We live in the woods away from everyone.But I still have to go to a school of other supernaturals.Like right now,I'm listening to music instead of the dumb-ass teacher.I don't do my homework,Pandora does,she enjoys it but have to much pride to say it.I sense the bell ring and get up to go to lunch.

I sit where I usually do and eat chip while I wait for the others.Getting their lunch from the school.The school food is nasty and degrading with their nasty,mystery meats and moldy food. Nasty,horrifying and gross.Who would eat that shit oh wait those dogs and others along with my sisters.

"Bambi,Pandora is picking us up later," Esme said.I nodded and returned to eating my sunchips.I got called to the office while I was in art.Gladly to leave that shitty class.All my sister was waiting for me as usual. Esme carry me to the car.She is the oldest out of us the by 13 seconds.Once I was in the car I went straight to sleep.


I had woken as we pull up to the house.We went to our meeting room.I was still listening to music but my earbuds was swinging around my neck..

"Okay girls,I've heard once again that another pack of wolves  are moving into the town," she said.This was an all vampire town or was till someone let wolves and other supernatural in.Then they got over run.We are the only vampires in this town now.Wolves think they run everything such asses.

"Well I think the should stop manifesting everywhere,us vampire need to stay somewhere like damn,"Annie said.She was right but no vampire dare to come back in town because of the elder that let them in,in the first place.

"True," I mumbled.

"Well let's go get something to eat," Grace said.I nodded my head cause I was hungry myself.Lacey got up and guessing she went to the kitchen.Pan got a call guessing she has to do another shift.I walked to my room and waited till Lac got done cooking.I was writing a song. Esme walked into the room and laid down beside me.

"Lac is finish," she said.I nodded,doing a quick drawing of her. We had stay silence where you can only hear Bach that I was listening to.I showed her the drawing she put it up on the wall where I draw people.I will draw anything and our room is covered with my drawings.We went downstairs to go eat.I sat down and ate the food.


Today was the day that more wolves was coming to town.I honestly hated every single minute of it cause we had to have a welcome assembly for them and bow. I wouldn't dare bow to a group of dogs.They look did look hotter than the rest of these assholes.The girls was literally drooling over them like they were Greek gods.It annoyed me so much.I walked to class and did my usually routine listen to music and  do half my work.I went to lunch eating a grilled cheese that Lacey fixed me for lunch.I saw two of the new guys come to my table in the corner of my eye.They sat on both sides of me.

"Hello," I nodded my head.I talk but not that much and if i do i use short answers.

"My name  is Phoenix and this is my brother Kiel,"He said

"Name is Saige but call me Bambi," I smiled.They looked at each other then smiled.They are twin look just alike.So we sat there and i silently wad for my sisters to appear.One by one they sat down at the table.

"hello there I'm Lacey,"lac said.They waved at her.

"Bam-bam who are these two," Annie said

"Phoenix and Kiel and guys these are my sisters Gia,Grace,Esme and Annie," I said.I really wanted to leave.

"Bambi Pan going to pick you up," I nodded my head,Lucky must be on my side.As on que the office called me.I walked to the office and my journey had gotten a follower that carried me to the office.Kiel came with me to the office because he was that nice.I was playing with his hair on our journey.We got to the office and he left when he saw Pandora.

Pandora looked at me and started wiggling her eyebrows.I shook my head at her.I wonder why she had got only me I don't like being away from Essy and Grace.she called them when she saw me slightly panic. Esme came and gave me a small hug and we walked to the car.

"So where are we going," Grace said.

"To the store I know Bam knows what everyone likes and stuff so...," I do easily remember thing.

"true," Esme said.We got to the store and start shopping for food.I pointed to all the things that we would need for everyone.We finished and headed back to the house.School was going to be over in a little so I went to my room finishing up my new song.I went on my computer to watch any anime show that seemed good.I will never completely watch high school dxd its more for guys.

I decide to re watch Vampire Knight.I decide to go to the park and wait to be called for dinner only to bring Esme with me. I make my way to the swings.I close my eyes and wish to be in the air.Me and my sister have wings and vampire rarely have wings.We are the lucky ones.


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