Save the Trees Girl

Save the Trees Girl - student project

I've taken Tom's other class 'Inky Illustrations' and knew I just had to take this one as well! 

Here are my sketches of poses and also a sketch to explore fitting a figure into a different shape (bottom right). That was one of those most challenging exercises but it helped me come up with poses I wouldn't have even thought of! I also had to let go of the idea of wanting to pose people in "normal" poses even when I was fitting them in a unique shape.

Save the Trees Girl - image 1 - student project

Sketches to play with the idea of exaggerating an object with scale, which I think helped add a lot of interest to the person. I also had fun creating different lines and textures using watercolor. 

Save the Trees Girl - image 2 - student project


Final illustration :)

Save the Trees Girl - image 3 - student project