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Save the Date

After a bit of feedback from the client she wanted to go with more of an informal script style for the "save the date" to stand out more, so currently I'm here, with lots more composition to go. Again would love feedback. 


Hi, so much like many of you I watched all of the videos at once and then went back and replayed them (many a time) whilst working along. 

I did have a bit of a head start on both this project and my typography skills. I taught first year degree students typography for 5 years, so though it wasn't as advanced as making your own lettering, it was very much so about the break down of typefaces, their history etc... I won't bore you. 

So finding myself over the past couple of years getting submerged in digital/websites/user experience I decided to take this as a nice refresher course for my first love, which happily co-incided with a good friends of mine asking me to take care of the creative side of her wedding. 

Her wedding is going mega rustic themed, she's having it in a barn and everything is going to be hand made, lots of hand lettering and of course all the wedding stationary wil need to fit this. 

So great place to start and intergrate this (awesome) skillshare are her save the dates, I'd already got a full moleskine of doodles to get me started, (I'll try and scan some of these in at some point) so I am jumping ahead in the game a little and already on illustrator mapping out some of the type before I add the illustration. 

Before this I would of just used an already exiting typeface and altered it to fit, but as this will eventually be such a huge project for me, I loved the thought of doing everything from scratch. I know some of it looks a bit off, some of it is meant to be that "rustic" way and some of it just needs more attention, but I thought I'd give you a little preview to where I'm at with it. I'm interesting to see how it grows hopefully as much as you are!

So here goes... enjoy!


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