Save the Date invitations

Save the Date invitations - student project

I took this class specifically because I knew I wanted to hand-letter my save-the-dates and wedding invitations, but didn't know how or where to start!

The time to send them out is almost here, finally. Here's my progress so far.

Latest version:

Save the Date invitations - image 1 - student project

I still have some finessing to do in Illustrator this week. Then, I'll:

  1. Laser cut this design onto rubber
  2. Stamp with adhesive ink onto navy cardstock
  3. Emboss with gold powder to create a more "expensive" look that will fit our vintage/ornate wedding look.

It's been hard work—and there's still a lot to do—but it beats the $500+ quote I got to create the beautiful, yet over-budget letterpressed invites. And now I'll have a sense of pride when they finally go in the mail.

I also plan to incorporate the stamp into my booklet invitations so the work is two-fold. Right now, my thought is to stamp/emboss them on vellum paper as an overlay to one of our engagement photos.

I'll keep the progress updated here :)

I still have more to do on the bottom part, but constructive feedback very much appreciated before I laser this into a stamp this Saturday!

Julia Muse
Creative Director, Designer, Illustrator, Letterer