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Savannah W. - student project

Hi there! I'm Savannah a recent illustration graduate. Since graduating I've been able to work on a few freelance projects (some big, some small) and personal projects. I love creating a wide variety of work that could fit into many different areas (I struggled in school to really find a specific avenue of illustration to pursue because there were so many that piqued my interest). My work tends to range from the creepy to the cute, depending on my mood. Ideally, I want to be able to work in my studio everyday creating things to put into a shop or sell at a market and not have to have an additional job. Knowing how I like to create work, I feel that it could work for me to try multiple avenues, it's just finding the right one. Many of the artists that I look up to do a combination of gallery work, markets, and online shops, so maybe it's just experimenting to find which works best for me and my personality. When I look at the work of artists that I look up to they always make me feel inspired, excited, and itching to get into my own studio. I hope that when people see my work that they would be intrigued, happy, and creative. 


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