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Savannah, GA

I've decided to do Savannah, GA. It's a really pretty city with a lot of history. I'm actually going to visit for the second time in a couple weeks, so the timing is perfect.

I'm more of a graphic/web designer than illustrator but I've always been really interested in illustrating and art. I love the illustrations with texture so I thought this class would be a great way to get my feet wet.

Here's my mind map:

Based on my mind map here, I've got three different concepts I could pursue... I don't dare try to fit everything in one, haha. Thoughts on which one is the strongest?? Improvements??

1. River Street

  • Old buildings
  • Candy shop/Gift shops
  • bicyclist
  • a couple in a horse & buggy
  • the river

2. Squares

  • Old buildings
  • large fountain with trees flanking each side
  • bench with couple
  • plaque/sign
  • flowers
  • brick pathway

3. Street / Map

  • Map of downtown area
  • Cars in the streets
  • river
  • trolley
  • horse & buggy
  • show the squares between city blocks

I decided to go with the first sketch of River Street for my focus. I just did the sketching today and compiled it in Photoshop to give you guys a look! I will be loading this into illustrator in separate layers just because I want to draw the complete objects so I can move thing around in my final artwork if I need to. This came out better than I had hoped, and I'm really pysched for the next step! I still have some brushes to make though, too.

Here's a snapshot of the beginning of my background artwork...

I started coloring some, though I haven't added any texture with my brushes yet. I'm not sure about the colors... I'm still playing with it. I wanted the background to be somewhat subtle but I think this might be too subtle.


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