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Savannah Catches the Sun

This story is heavy on illustrations and is meant to leave the child to use their own imagination. It also allows the parent to create their own version of the story based on the pictures if they so choose.

This last image with the birch and poppy means the season of spring. My idea is to have flower and a wild field for her to travel through. I want the seasons to leave the shadow world, then enter it again as winter approaches. Yet there is still some heavy silhouetting in the flowers for spring and summer. 

The underlying story is that there is a girl named Savanna and she sees the clouds touching the sun. She wonders how she can also touch the sun as well. At first she tried jumping up and down but she's not tall enough to even reach the leaves of the trees. So she decides that in order to catch the sun, she just needs to go out and get it. This leaves her on a journey throughout her own world. Will she find a way to catch the sun?

Next I plan to draw her walking through the seasons and out of the wilderness to a beach where the sun will set in the horizon. This leaves me with about six to seven more illustrations. 

Thank you for looking. 



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