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Amaan Davis

Founder/Creative Director of Savage & Company



Savage & Company

Name! Amaan Davis

Brand! Savage & Company

Location! Germany (stationed); Savage is a brand based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Occupation! Air Force

Savage is a word often connotated with negative terms. We aim to change the definition, and better it for the emotional attachment of those who come from nothing as to have a hope of achieving their dreams.

In the lower parts of major cities, more often referred to as the hood, Savage is a term used to describe: (according to UrbanDictionary)

  1. An act that is either cool or hardcore, going beyond the normal scope of the given situation.
  2. A savage is some who does not care about the consequences of his or her actions. 

Everywhere I look, I see dreamers, hoping and wishing, for that right opportunity to make their dreams a reality.

Whenever I meet a new person, I see the pains of their history and successes and their failures.... the story of each and every person, and how they yearn to change their current position, and take their thoughts and ideas to the world.

Through their journey, they've been disrespected, walked over, or discouraged, but yet they still continue about their mission.... why? Savage.

The wordplay and emphasis of NoQuitSh!t:

It backs up the brand in a more "stern" way, considering that our target market is not necessarily to exclude middle aged adults or toddlers, however it is more directed to those with more capability to control their surroundings by choice, those not already set in their habits, therefore a subliminal, yet straightforward message is needed to emphasis the life of a Savage.

For our slogan, we were in need of something quick, short, and to the point. Something that can easily be "#hashtaged", injected into lyrics, used in a sentence, and used virally as its simplicity encourages use throughout those interested in the brand.

After the idea occured in 2011 following the establishment of the company in 2012, The shortened "SVGBRAND" was adopted in 2013 and added to the script logo as a way to stand out in searches.

Savage turns up multiple results, however as "Savage Brand", "SVGBRAND", "Savage clothing line" and multiple variations of wordplay we rank either #1 or on the first page.

This monogram isn't set in stone with the brand, just something I recently played around with. I personally like it, however I haven't ran it by the team yet.


Savage "Dirty Bird" Kia Soul Concept


Savage was launched in not hopes or dreams, but the actual knowing that we can become a world renowned brand. We've sold to people in numerous parts of the world from Canada, Germany, The United States, and even Turkey.

What influences us?

HipHop, Sneakerheads, Fashionists, Businessmen & women. If we make no sales today, but gain a follower of the brand because they believe in our movement, in my eyes, we've had a successful day. At the end of the day it's always about money, but the true aspiration of why I started Savage is to give hope to those who are raised to have none.

Who am I?

My name is Amaan Davis. I joined the Air Force in August of 2012 to spread my brand worldwide, and make bigger connections. I've been making this project from absolute scratch for 9 hours straight with no break. It's 9 am in Germany right now where I am. I found out about it yesterday and knew I had to at least try despite that there is only about a week left in the class.

I operate Savage from Germany through my team in Atlanta, while working a military job.

Thanks for viewing my project!

I am glad to be able to join the masses and learn from all of you, Jeff Staple and his brand, and hope one day we will all acheive what we want from life.

Stay Savage



  • Atlanta

Custom Lyfe Boutique
1066 Ralph Abernathy Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30310

  • Mississippi

Coast Ink
Upper Level of Northpark Mall
1200 E. County Line Rd
Ridgeland, MS 39157


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Contact: [email protected]


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