Savage Beauty

I really love Alexander McQueen's work, and wanted to focus on the garments from his 'Savage Beauty' show during this project.

This is the reference for model poses I've gathered: 

and these are the silhouette gestures based on those photos:

Grid sketches: 

(It took me a couple of overlay sketches to get to this point - I wanted to elongate the models, and adjust a few limb positions.  Also, as I'm posting this, I'm realizing that a few proportions are definitely off - for example, the knee cap on the very first model on the left is way too low. The shoulders on the 4th model from the left may be a bit too wide.  But I will fix all that in the next iteration).

After having those sketches done, I looked through the Savage Beauty show pictures in order to choose the final garments.  I decided to work in my favorite medium - Photoshop and a Wacom pen/tablet.  Here's the first model and the reference dress:  

(I used this opportunity to fix areas of the sketch that I didn't like - mainly making her head bigger and fixing her legs).

And the rest:

And now, the next round of iterations:

And now the final renders:


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