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Afi O.

I just want to create.



Saute Station

Sauté Station is a brand in which my father is developping for a venture in Nigeria, so I took this opportunity to help him out while learning. He did not really give much specifics about the brand, nor a color scheme, or any idea whatsoever, he simply just said "have fun," so I did just that.

I started out making many sketches, I ended liking or seeing potential in a few of them so I finalized several. And it would not hurt since my dad would have many to choose from.




I then scanned and opened it up in Illustrator. Honestly, I was too lazy to really look for fonts that matched mine, so I went through the various fonts I already had, and found the best fit for each individual letter. After I printed it, I used parchment paper to trace and scan to be vectorized. Here are a few if my final pieces.




My dad thought the black and white one heading somewhere, so that's code for keep practicing and working on it. Especially this last brown one could use some smoothing out. I personally like the direction the blue and brown one is going.


I worked with it a bit more and came out with a version I'm a little more satisfied with.



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