Sausage, Bacon, Eggs, OH MY!

Sup everyone?!

Soooo, when I came across this class I had to take it. I looked extremely fun and also challenging. I am really trying to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to designing. I tend to shy away form things that make me nervous... and this made me nervous, but I pushed through and I honestly can say that I really enjoyed this class and it helped me try things that I would never have.

Brainstorm and sketches:

One thing that I don't like doing is brainstorming and/or sketching (I cannot draw at all O.O). I tend to skip this step all the time which I know is not the greatest. BUT I did it this time and it was very helpful. I can say that I won't skip these steps ever again.

Anywho... I went with breakfast because I really wanted to make an egg. ;)



Final Ideas:

The sketch I ended up doing was the second one. I actually did start on the first sketch in Illustrator, but I wasn't feeling the direction it was going in. So, I sketch some more and ended up with the second one that I found more interesting and fun. 



Illustrator progress:



With the final I ended making a halftone texture in Illustrator to give my breakfast some depth. :)


Thank you for this class. It was fun and I learned to not be afraid to mess up and start all over again. This class really got me out my shell and helped me experiment. I will def apply everything I learned to my future projects.


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