Saturday in Sydney

Saturday in Sydney - student project

Hi Everyone, 

Really enjoyed this class and had fun scavenger hunting these shots. All pictures were taken on my mobile phone (Google Pixel 3) and edited using the mobile lightroom app on my phone itself. Resized on computer using GIMP because they were too large to upload to skillshare otherwise.

So here is my contribution, would love feedback! Come join me for a walk around my beloved city. 

  • Bird’s Eye View: I was standing on Town Hall Steps - Usually a very popular place to meet friends before heading out somewhere together. Currently it's a mess with construction all around it, but still managed to capture this shot. I love the pop of yellow from the bike on the ground and the jacarandas seem to soften the cityscape somewhat. 

Saturday in Sydney - image 1 - student project


  • Off the Beaten Path: This was taken in The Rocks area, which is a very touristy part of Sydney, but from one of the back streets. I think with this one I just liked the juxtaposition of the construction on one side, one of Sydney's oldest streets on the other and a rather ominous looking sky above. 

Saturday in Sydney - image 2 - student project


  • Middle of the Road: This is under the iconic Sydney harbour bridge (we also call it "the coat hanger"). Just a different perspective. Could have possibly also used this one as the "iconic postcard" shot. Hard to decide.

Saturday in Sydney - image 3 - student project

  • Signs of Life: Seagulls are a part of our city. This guy was definitely seeking an opportune moment to snatch some food. 

Saturday in Sydney - image 4 - student project

  • Iconic Postcard: So another look at "the coat hanger" (a.k.a the Sydney harbour bridge). Not bad for a shot that was taken from a train window of the station's window, which had part of the bridge in view.
    Saturday in Sydney - image 5 - student project