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Sassy Smidgens: Children's Apparel and Accessories for the Modern Day Family


Sassy Smidgens a children's clothing and accessories brand for the modern-day family with the added twist of a customized experience....we're the Build-A-Bear or Thirty-One of baby products.


The modern day family has changed quite a bit but commercialism today doesn't support it. The current industry overwhelming supports the traditional setting of heterosexual parents via the products available baring sentiments like "I love my mom" and "I love my dad".

So I set out to "make the change I want to see" by providing infant and toddler apparel baring sentiments such as "I love my moms" and  "I love my dads".

But it doesn't stop there. The majority minority in the United States is Hispanic, so my products are also available for hetersexual and homosexual primary and secondary family members in Spanish. 

My hope is to provide them in other languages in the future.


  • Homosexuallity is such as vilantly polar subject. No all my products are for the LGBT community. Do you think I am at risk of people boycotting my other products because of their position on homosexuality?
  • My logo, what do you think? I originally had a lady bug then I came across the company Sassy and was worried I was too, icon, colors. So, with the help of a business partner I no longer have, we created the catepillar...but I must say I never really liked it.
  • I hope to get this brand so big that I can have a store front in my town and I want to have a wall full of fabric options for my clients to choose from. Do you think it is too much to double as a fabric merchant? Sassy Smidgens Fabrics & Boutique? The inital costs of my brand cowar compared to those of supplying myself fabric as wholesale you have to buy in bulk to get the discount.
  • Funding...always an issue in the beginning. Do you think fundraising on sites like Kiva would ultimately hurt or help my business? My husband works and that money goes into the family and expenses. So, the only money I have has gone into this an I need working capital. If you don't think Kiva is the way to go, do you know of any other places to  go to find investors?




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