Cerise Montauban

Traveler and embroiderer



Sashiko : A Japanse embroidery technique


Who doesn't like make beautiful things? Probably not you since you're here. All over the world, men and women are decorating daily objects for no more reasons that it's nicer for the eyes. 

Since fews years now I'm studying fabric embellishment around the world. This year, I've spend 5 months in Japan to learn embroidery and dying techniques with local masters and for this first class, I choose Shashiko.

Sashiko is a Japanese embroidery made of white threads on indigo cotton fabric. Nowadays it is used in a lot of contemporary fashion or craft projects. It obey to fews basics rules and it is not very complicated to learn but opens a lot of creative possibilities. 

In this class I'll teach you the basic stitches and rules of Sashiko and I'll show you how to conduct an entire project with that technique. 

Videos programme : 

1 - Introduction to Sashiko

2 - Material

3 - Sashiko Basic stitches

4 - A Sashiko Project

5 - Draw your own pattern

6 - Now it’s Your turn

Class project : 

At the beginning of the class I'll give some pattern to download so you could practice on it but as I'll teach you how to draw your own I'd like you to show me your own project made of Sashiko. 


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