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Sasha's spring projects


Needs: Looks very comfy for hanging out in. 

Shape:  Origami table's got a fun shape

Color: Love the yellow pop in the flowers and the blue and green pillow accents

Pattern:  Some nice patterned pillow amongst the mix. Also the rug.

Texture: The ottoman on the left seems like it adds some nice texture contrast (got cut off in the crop)

Placement: The books under the flowers in the middle of the round table look great

Bling: Some bling on the pillow borders. Subtle bling. :)

Botanicals: Those yellow guys. Apparently they're called craspedia or billy balls. In any case, love 'em.



Here are the terrible Before photos. I had to go out of town so unfortuantely I had to take photos in the nighttime without natural light. Hoping this will just make the delta between the Before and After photos more striking :)


Before: It's not a big looker but so very convenient for allowing us to have all of our lovely guests.

After: Some progress but Justina is right I need more throw pillows! Getting a little closer by way of two new ones. The color of the front one compliments the throw and also echos the star on the coffee table in front of it.


Before: It's metal and over the years we've had friends etch their names into it.

After: Now with more shapes, colors and botanicals. The vase isn't a vase at all but rather my fiance's drum from a Jerustalem street market that I put upside down. The colored pencils are fun and can actually be used in one of the drawing books we have on the table. 






After: Unfortunately had to do this in the evening with horrible horrible light, but started making progress. It was fun picking out the books with interesting covers. And this talk of botanicals made me grab some daffodils when I was at Trader Joe's today...I didn't realize flowers could be so cheap! 2 bucks for a great splash of yellow. Alas, hard to tell with the bad lighting, but its the learning that counts I s'ppose!


Before: It's a trunk. Do like it but it needs sprucing up.

After: Didn't have anything handy that super spruced it up but did get some nice flowers for my birthday, so put em in the middle to give it some fun color. (Ignore sadflower on the right there! Was summarily fixed after the photo shoot.) The other stuff is mostly the same, just bit more artfully arranged. Notably the trunk, especially the middle part is used relatively frequently so there can't be too much stuff on it or it'll get unusuable.


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