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Saruteku Duality

This is the first part of the project, the sketches. Usually when I design characters I keep drawing and erasing till I get something I like which is why there's only the two sketches, and the funny relatable thing I could think of that represents me is I always think in two minds, hence, why I decided I'd call my comic Duality, with the happy, shy, round blue one and the short tempered, cocky, outgoing pointy red one. These are way simpler than I am used to drawing, but I decided if I got hung up on details I'll never do this, plus, I hate hands and feet so this works better for me. Hahah.


I can honestly say drawing this one is not something I'm use to, I can feel my hand trying to go back to my usual habits. That's kinda sad. Hahah, Maybe someone should start a class about simplified drawing. Had to take a break but this is what I got so far with the Sheet.



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