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Sari-inspired dress

Round 0:

Hi folks! I'm Yasmin, copywriter and freelance grant writer by day, and starting at Parsons in the fall for an Associates in Fashion Design. I learned to sew a bit when I was younger, but I ended up pursuing a  different career in librarianship which, to date, hasn't been enough for me. I've come to terms with the fact that I love textiles more than anything (except maybe books), and that this is a direction I want to go.

I can't stand to wait around for fall so I'm really excited about starting a little bit of fashion work now with this Skillshare class. Regarding my design, my sketching needs some work. I'm more tactile and know my limitations (and those of the fabric) once I have an object (fabric for example) in my hands, so for now I'm just submitting a lookbook that aims towards expressing what I might have in mind.  

More to follow!


Round 1:

I have a length of chiffon sari fabric that inspired this design, but I'm not sure in the end if it will suite, especially as I want one shoulder and one breast to be designed with soft knife pleats that will contrast nicely with the othe flowing areas. Unfortunatly though my hands are tied until I get a sewing machine in working order. I also want the emphasis to be in the draping, not in fabric patterns, and the sari is a bright orange and gold, so I'm thinking a solid silk or chiffon, or even a layering of one over the other. We'll see... 



Round 2: Draping/drawing/changes

I don't have it in me to cut up the sari yet. I'm too new at this to risk it, plus every time I sit down to work I start moving towards Leon Bakst's costumes for the Ballet Russes. I think I'll be taking this a slightly new direction. 

Unfortunatly the muslin does not exactly capture the flow of chiffon or silk, but I'm still envisioning the skirt to be like the picture of the salmon pink skirt at the bottom left of the original lookbook. Additionally where before I wanted to do fabric pleats in the bodice area, I think I like playing with ribbons more, and might attempt pleats from those instead. I do think that whatever this will be, it's going to be a solid color, or along one spectrum (ie shades of only one pink or only one blue etc.) For more info, scroll to the bottom for sketches & thoughts.  


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