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Sari Silk Choker

First of all, I must say that I had so much fun doing this!  Thank you Lille for giving me an excuse to play with my sari silk yarn!!!  ; )  Since I design jewelry, I couldn't help but turn this project into a new necklace design.  I found some silk yarn in colors that inspired me to work with copper, my favorite metal.  Lille's process was super simple and gave my choker a tribla look that I wasn't expecting but that I absolutely love.  Here's my process:


I cut my silk yarn pieces to my desired length then wrapped them around the copper choker.


Then I trimmed them a bit, so they would be shorter on teh ends and longer in the middle.


Here's the finished piece!  


Here's me wearing my piece and working out the bugs.  Hope to add this and a few other similar pieces as a new collection on my website this summer.  ; )


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