Sara's sketchbook

Hi everyone,

My name is Sara. I've started this class to help me overcome a creative block.

This is my "day 1" image :)


For my Day 2 practice, I choose "pets" and used color pencils (2). Drawed my cat, taking a nap, next to me. 


Day 3 - I had 3 minutes to make today's practice. Watercolours and "fruit" as a theme. I didn't like the lack of time, but I ended with a quick drawing, so it makes me feel good.


Day 4. Feeling inspired today, and I wanted to give another try to watercolours.  Today's theme was portraits. Usually, I feel overwhelmed by portraits and watercolours, but as I said, I was feeling confident, and wanted to "play" , so I tried. Used a photo for reference. The figure is not perfect, but I'm quite happy with it :) I had a great time playing and painting today! :D


Finally, I've started #My12DayProject - I'll show you the images I've been working on...

Day 1 - Quick sketch and colour (colour pencil, black pen)


Day 2 & 3 - Got a funny idea talking with friends, and decided to draw it. On day two, I spend most of the time sketching the idea, lettering. On day 3, I inked and coloured the drawing (felt pens)


Day 4 - Felt super inspired, so I tried another watercolour portrait. The weather was awful so I could spend 2 hours painting, and I really enjoyed the process.


Day 5 - A quick drawing on a notepad while waiting on the phone, at work.


Day 6 - a Friend of mine asked for a cartoon-style drawing of her and her boyfriend, so that was the perfect excuse to draw today! Felt pens.


Day 7. Today I did a hand study, in felt pens. Hands usually are difficult to draw, for me. So this was a good issue to practice. Used just 1 color, and some touches of pink at the end, to give some final touches.


Day 8. Small portrait, with pencil. 


Day 9. I could spend some free time drawing. Tried painting an eye, with coloured pencils. Perfect? Nope. Funny? Sure :)


Day 10. Cleaning at home, found old wax crayons. So I used them today, as my unique medium. Tried a impressionist image as a reference. The result: I don't like wax crayons at all. But maybe I'll need a few more times.


Day 11. Little quick drawing on my journal. Felt pens.


Day 12. Another quick drawing on my journal.




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