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Sarah Gebauer

I make accessible user interfaces and webcomic



Sarah's business card

Part 1

I started with a font which I use sometimes because it has a lot of variations but I don't like it a lot, Merriweather Sans.


It's not bad, I think, but it's not great either

Part 2

I like writing but this part was the hardest because I couldn't think of anything which made much sense, so I ended up with this:


I used here Crimson Text. There was a Merriweather before the final version just to keep a style but after playing with it a bit I decided to leave Merriweather behind. I didn't use justified text because from accesibility point of view it's harder for dyslexic people to read justified text.

Part 3

In part 3 I played with my design. There was added another two fonts and Merriweather was removed althogether. For the brand name I used Anonymous Pro, monospaced font (I would consider sans serif or roman font for a logo/brand name), and for the rest Josefin Sans.

I also added some color.


And a different variant


The same for part 2:



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