Sarah's Tattoo

Sarah's Tattoo - student project

Update: Finally worked it out and gave my friend her tattoo design. She loves it and is scheduling her tattoo this month. 

Sarah's Tattoo - image 1 - student project

I will be using this class to design a very personal tattoo for my dear friend. 

She's been wanting a tattoo for the inside of her right forearm that tells her story. The "LOVE" type above represents the shape that this tattoo will have, however the letters will be made up of a collage of individual items that are meaningful to her. I am now in the process of creating small icon or stamp-like images of each of the items listed. I will then need to find a way to arrange them into letters. 

Another challenge: the O in LOVE will be filled in, as above, with black but the images will be made of the negative space so that it stands out from the other letters and adds interest. 

Here goes!

Sarah's Tattoo - image 2 - student project