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Sarah's 14 day instagram challenge

I thought this challenge sounded so fun I wanted to get involved.  One of my goals for 2018 is to use Instagram more.  I love seeing other peoples work on instagram and I think this 14 days challenge will be the perfect way of getting more actively involved myself. I am also hoping to be more adventurous in my posts and hope to include not just photos but video and instagram stories in my 14 day challenge.  

Wish me luck 


So this is my first update. 3 days in and not only has there been an increase in followers but also an increase in engagement. I have been loving the comments that people have left and have found time to leave reply's to all of them.  Working freelance in a studio on my own most of the day I believe that these small interactions are going to be really fun even after the two week challenge.  That brings me to my second point that I'm actually enjoying instagram more than before so I hope that this is coming through in my posts and comments. 

The first changes that I have made have been to post twice per day and I have been adding a watermark to my images.  I have added only work that I am proud of and I have even shared my favorite supplies. I will be trying to add a video into my feed in the next few days as a way to push the content i am publishing.

Here is a screen shot of where I am so far.   1076 ->109996a1fcb5



 My instagram is here


Update 2

This is only 7 days in and I am really enjoying the process.  I have added more variety to my post from just watermarked patterns to include work in process video and sketchbook video.  These have both been well received and although they take a little more effort it is definitely worth while in terms of fun for me and hopefully my followers. 

I will need to work on improving the lighting for the videos - although sunny today it is winter in the UK.  additional lighting fr the sketchbook video would have been useful.  If it something that I will do more of I will also need to find a way of holding the phone still. 

A big change is that I have now added my face to the profile so that my followers can see what I look like.  I do still need to work on my bio as I'm sure it can be improved. 

Thanks for following and pleased with the increase in follower numbers  from 1076 > 1108 in a week.  However for me the biggest change is the engagement  and I am really loving all the comments I am getting now.



Update 3 

Day 13/14 Time is almost up on the 14 day challenge and it has been really fun.  Social media has actually become social and it feels that I have had more conversation than ever in these last two weeks on instagram. 

I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and added stories and also video stories with me in front of the camera.  As a introvert this was tough and the version that went up was definitely not take one (more like take 10) but I hope I came across as my authentic self.  I hope to have my own skillshare class one day soon so putting myself in front of the camera whilst not essential will also help with this.  I also hope to use instagram live and am planning a giveaway.  I will definitely be using instagram live as a  way of letting my followers know about the giveaway.

I look forward to looking in more depth at the insights for the past 2 weeks and seeing what worked and when to greater understand.  I have had insights for a while but had nort really understood how to use them best.

I have changed my bio and updated my links  - I am now using a simpler layout with emojis now and my links are using link tree.  7422d6e7


Follower number update 1076 >>> 1120


Final Update

Firstly I have really enjoyed the last two weeks on instagram.  I have posted more, engaged more and some fantastic comments left.  I have more followers which is great but I wanted to see if there was more going on so I have looked at the insights.  This is something I have never done before so was really interesting.  

For post likes I was not surprised to see that my floral patterns and fruit patterns did well but was pleased to see that my dinosaur pattern which is one of my favorites was also well received.  Videos did  OK - i had thought they may do better but I think I need to improve the lighting to really show them off - not the easiest to do in February in the UK.   My sketchbook flick video did the best with 713 impressions, 599 reach and over 325 views.  The most engagement I got was two patterns which were both leaves but with interesting colour palettes. 

I will be continuing to post everyday - sometimes twice and will keep the variety in posts too (video, carousel and photo) I will also be doing a milestone celebration giveaway at 2000 followers and hope this isn't going to be to far in the future.







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