Sarah Barton

graphic designer/type lover




I usually have a hard time turning my handwriting into a pretty script, so this class will be a great help!

I really like how Martina starts her process so loosely, not worrying about the details. (I always tend to get caught up in the details...I'm slowly learning to let go!) My process was a little slow to start. I get stuck in a rut when writing my name. I usually do my S the same way. Somewhere along the way when I wasn't even thinking about it, my hand made this movement that produced an awesome S.


You can see in the bottom right-hand corner that I've boxed in my favorite, which actually was the first version I drew in that style...go figure!

I then used my newly found love (tracing paper) to play around with flourishes.


My sketches are a bit smaller than Martina's, but I think it will be okay since I'm going to digitize it. It took me a while to narrow down how I wanted to do the flourishes. Things got a little crazy, as you can see in the top right sketches, but I ended up keeping things simple and I'm really happy with the result.


On to digitizing! Above is the first rough outline. The angles of my letters were surprisingly pretty similar. Once I got it onto the computer, I decided to make the shoulder part of the h come up to the same height as the other lowercase letters.


Once I adjusted the h I just needed to smooth out the kinks. I also rotated the S a little because it wasn't quite the same angle as the other letters.


I think this is my final...I've been staring at it too long. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you for the great class Martina!


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