Sarah and the pandemic

Sarah and the pandemic - student project

The following is my effort to emulate the exercise taught in this writing course. 

Sarah and the Pandemic 2021


Sarah is well aware there is a covid pandemic. She is aware of the consequences and restrictions including wearing a mask, social distancing, and the need to wash her hands frequently. Sarah is an 8-year-old girl living in Ottawa with her parents who are both full-time teachers. She is tall, with sandy brown long hair, and thoughtful eyes. She wears fun t-shirts, leggings, and sneakers and looks sporty and ready for fun. Like everyone, life during the pandemic has changed for Sarah as well.


I wanted to know what her thoughts about life during the last year have been. I asked Sarah how her life has changed as a result of the pandemic, and she immediately responded it’s BORING! Along with not being able to go places and see people, she said she really wanted to go to Disney World or take a summer vacation in northern Ontario. School life has also changed drastically oscillating between onsite learning at school where she can be with her friends and teachers, to online learning at home on a computer. Being in front of the computer for learning is not interesting to Sarah. She especially finds the mornings hard, and the singing of the national anthem, to Sarah sounds awful. So awful in fact she confided that she turns the volume down on her computer every morning just to get through it. We both laughed at this approach. What she does like about learning from home is that she can stay in her pajamas almost all day and recess and lunch hours are extended. But Sarah misses being at school and seeing her friends and classmates.


The effects of social distancing for short periods of time according to Healthline are not significant. In fact, teenagers have been virtually socializing with their friends most of their lives. They are used to connecting through their devices, so social distancing is likely easier for them than it would be for someone older. However, learning how to socialize in person is at risk as these skills need to be learned when people are Sarah’s age. This is something that could affect children for the rest of their lives if this continues.



Sarah who had recently discovered and fallen in love with playing, and watching hockey, has now taken an interest in a new hobby, baking. She even baked her mom a birthday cake with fancy decorations and coloured icing. Her favourite items to bake right now are cookies, chocolate chip cookies. The world to Sarah, while more isolated, is still interesting. She answered a series of questions in rapid-fire style.


What is your favourite animal?

“A dog obviously” Sarah owns a beautiful medium-sized dog who is a few years older than she is.


What is your favourite season?



What is the most important thing in the world?



If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

“Oh that’s easy” she replied, “ to be able to stop time, start time, see into the future and be invisible”.


The world has been in a pandemic for a year and 2 months now. From the initial message from the politicians and health experts that we needed to close down for 2 weeks, which at the time felt unthinkable, to today where we’ve experienced massive deaths, permanent closures of businesses, loss of jobs, to isolation from loved ones, postponement of celebrations and a tremendous mental health crisis.


Sarah’s life during the pandemic has changed, it is less dynamic, but Sarah herself, well, she’s fine, and she will be fine with the superpowers she already has, she is a creative, fun 8-year old girl.