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Sarah Paris Picnic

Here I've been working on some simple square repeats using some of the motifs I've drawn so far.

Here are some larger repeats using more of the motifs, plus I've added an extra layer of texture for depth and interest and varied the size of the motifs more.

Here's my concept development. Thinking with only words initially is a new way of working for me, although I guess I sort of do it in my head but don't always write it down. So this time I did and I thought about literary references to picnics and the Alice Walker quote about English tea made me think about a typically English tea/picnic

and my mood board on Pinterest:

For my first sketches. I started looking at visual references and was drawn to the simple idea of shapes inside shapes. I took inspiration from images like the one below of traditional English tea plates, saucers and fluted and decorated glass bowls plus some simple picnic food shapes layered together and the shapes that they make. It fits with my layered design style.

Here are some early rough doodles based on this idea:


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