Sara Tatting handmade jewelry

Sara Tatting handmade jewelry - student project

Hello lovely people!!! My name is Sara and I am the person that stays behind Sara Tatting jewelry!

When I was a kid every day I was asking to my mum to dress me as my doll…Do you remember those fantastic lace dresses that dolls have, like princess?!?

Yes, I am lace addicted!

I’m so fascinated about the hidden history about tatting lace, in particular the origin which is a magic mystery, some says that it developed from the fishermen and sailors that used to knot their nets and ropes since…well, since humans exist!? 

Sara Tatting project is my mission, to keep alive this antique technique, that’s why I like to say I’m like the fisherman…with passion, in the hope to find homes for my creations, I make tatting lace (jewelry), thinking about the people who I love!

Sara Tatting handmade jewelry - image 1 - student project

Every detail is created with attention and love! If you want to find something unique for yourself or your loved ones
take a look here


This course was really great! Just started to play around with all this gold informations!! check out my pin!