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Every time I walked into Target or if I'm feelin' fancy, The Papery or Paper Source, I couldn't help but be disappointed by the card options.  They were just so...commercialized and unthoughtful.  

So I decided that I would start making my own.  Since then, I've taught myself stamping, stamp carving, and have taken a calligraphy class.  I am also incorporating my poetry writing as well.  I feel that the more I work on my craft and focus my business, the better chance of success.  

I recognize that this is a steep, competitive market so I am working on finding a focus and niche.  

Further, I come from a family of enterpreneurs and I will be a fourth generation small business owner- it's in my blood!

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Week 1: I worked on the identify weaknesses worksheet and am currently trying to crunch the numbers to make sure that there is a profit margin.  Is anyone else struggling with this?

I also posted two goals on GoMighty and plan to add more as I think of them.  

Some of the items I am working on: 

Week 2:  I am in the process of figuring out whether I should create a new twitter, instagram and facebook for Sara Regina or whether I should streamline my personal account.  

Some of the words I came up with while freewriting: whimsical, thoughtful, , a bit preppy, nostalgic, return to childhood.  While thinking, I also wrote down the word 'sweet' and animal (though it's not a adjective. 

My future customers shop at places like Anthropologie, Paper Source, JCrew and the Gap.  They really like classical pieces.  Further, they would like to be original, they hang out at parks or at the beach with friends, host low-key dinner parties-they are porch people.  Their hobbies would include a rediscovering of old traditions, writing, a love of handmade things and giving thoughtful gifts.  Regarding design, they love to create a comfy home that people admire and also want.  

Exisitng companies that I admire: Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. (of course- who doesn't adore her stuff), many letterpresses such as Honizuckle Press, Meera Lee Patel (an NJ based illustrator).

Similarities between brands: nostalgia, connection and admiration for artist and process, whimsical, focus on the 'good life'.

What I need to focus on is finding the right person for a logo designer. I've been working on my packaging for awhile.  Also, a tagline of course! 

Week 3: 

I plan to work alone and don't forsee needing employees any time soon.  I plan to sell at craft shows and fairs as well as try to contact blogs that I admire.  

I plan to create products that can be both retailed as well as available for wholesale.

One of the services that I plan to offer is personalization with both calligraphy and hand carved stamps.  I also plan to develop a way to personalize my products with monogramming, etc.

Week 4:

I currently co-write an inspiration blog with my twin sister at (we are in the process of changing hosts to squarespace so this will change soon).  As mentioned in week 2, I am still deciding about whether to streamline my personal and business social media.  I also plan to create a Facebook business page. I am also going to continue to brainstorm about how to create a community.  

What influences me when I am buying a product is whether it comes from a small business.  Because my sister is a jewelry designer and maker, I have a good understanding of why it's important to support small businesses and handmade.  Lastly, I'm looking for items that are what I try to create- whimiscal, nostalgic, colorful.  

I have long admired Anna Bond and one thing that I love is when she shows what she is working on via Instagram.  So, this is one thing I will work on doing- posting pictures mid-project as opposed to waiting until the project is complete.  


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