I chose this vintage poster of Santorini because I love the colors and have always wanted to visit.



I have never used Illustrator before, and I'm a bit worried this poster is slightly ambitious.

After the pen tool lesson, I was able to complete the largest blue roof and cross. I haven't learned gradients or textures yet, so these are the basic shapes and colors. I had some frustrations learning the pen tool, but it's cool to see the shapes come together:


I finished the main building, and at that point I skipped the "Strokes and Lines" lesson so I could move on to colors and learn how to do the gradient for the dome roof. I wanted to complete this main building because I realized that the other two buildings are pretty much copies, just at a smaller scale. So once I get this building as good as I can get it, I will copy it and scale it down to make the other two.

Brad talks about gradients around 9:30 in the "Color" lesson. He doesn't go into a ton of detail, but it was enough to help me figure out the dome. Rather than a linear gradient, which he demonstrates, I selected "radial" from the "Type" dropdown menu within the gradient tool to get the curve. I also had to add a few more gradient boxes to get that hard-edge look where the colors don't blend smoothly:


It's not an exact match, but I'll take it! I'm just trying to learn the "ins and outs" from this class so I can create projects on my own, anyway.

Once I got the left building copied and scaled, I realized I was covering up the wine bottle and glasses, which is why Brad says to work on the foreground stuff first. Oops.


So I'll have to hide these building layers to do the foreground, which is up next.

[Still progressing]


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