Santino (Self Label)

Just some background information about myself: My name is Kevin Celestino. I'm 21 years old. I'm originally from the Philippines. I moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada when I was 15. I just finished my second year of Environmental Design and am aspiring to become an architect. I was in a graphic design class in highschool for three years in a row and fell in love with it. I took this class to learn more about lettering, illustration, layouts, and graphic design. 

For this project, I want to develop a label that would serve as my future company logo/label or my signature/ freelance logo. I'm working on developing a logo that shows who I am as a designer.  My parents played a huge part in shaping the person that I am today. So to pay homage, this label would be named after them.  The word SanTino is a combination of my mother's maiden name,  SANtiago, and my father's last name, CelesTINO. 


_most of the photos in this board are symbols of my roots (Filipino) such as the Philippine Eagle and the Water Buffalo. The other photos show traditional and cultural trades that I grew up learning about. 

Other Handcrafted Inspirations

_Hand-made objects fascinate me with their character, history, and the effort and time that was spent making each one of them. Traditional craftsmanship influences my design and the way I see things in general.

I'm still on the early stages of my design. I have yet to narrow down my main ideas. With sketching and further research, I'm aiming to post more updates in a couple of days.


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