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Audrey Bee

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Santa's Sweetheart Ball

I volunteer for a local non-profit that supports children with cancer and their families. They are holding a benefit ball in February and wanted a few graphics that could be both printable and digital. They wanted something formal-ish but not over the top (think: boring Vivaldi font.) This will likely be an annual event, so I wanted a "branded name" that we could use throughout the years, even if the season or decor changed.

I decided to combine this project with this class and voila!

I started out with a little sketching, playing with letters (especially the capitals, etc.) I liked the format of the biggest one, but obviously it was small and a little wonky. I finally cleaned it up and turned it into this:

I didn't like the way the S's connected, so I cleaned that up, and ultimately eliminated the 2015.

Once finished it looked like this:

And was used in these forms (so far):

Eventually it will be printed on a formal invitation, but that is still in the works.


I REALLY enjoyed this class, and while I still have a lot of practicing to do, it really taught me a lot of the fundamentals of digitizing/vectorizing that I will use in a lot of my other design work. I will recommend this class to many of my friends, and now I love calligraphy even more!


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